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Leveraging data to reduce emissions is just the start. We help our partners maximize their impact by creating compelling stories that resonate with their customers.

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Make an impact with every electric mile

BTR Energy enables electric vehicles to interact with electricity markets.

We provide an industry-leading platform that empowers our clients to work together to measure and reduce emissions and to maximize the impact of participation in low-carbon transportation fuels programs.

Our WorkOur Work

A complete transportation program management platform

The BTR Energy Bridge platform automates participation in low-carbon transportation fuels programs by connecting leading electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, and charging station networks to renewable electricity generators.

The Bridge is fully integrated and provides our clients with turnkey analytics and a single point of access to multiple programs, like California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard or Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

Our Platform

The potential of new partnerships

Our clients maximize their impact by working together; through the Bridge, an electric vehicle operating in San Francisco can be powered by a dairy farm in Fresno.

Innovative partnerships like self-driving car service Cruise’s “Farm-to-Fleet” will contribute to the elimination of millions of metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions and illustrate how transportation electrification can benefit everyone.


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We’re always eager to discuss new ways to reduce transportation emissions, leveraging our expertise and extensive network to navigate clean fuels programs. Contact us to learn more about our services, technology platform, and clean fuels program management capabilities.

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